The Question
You have been doing traditional Questionnaire-based Market Research (MR) for testing ideas and to take marketing-decisions. But, something is amiss: your ideas/decisions/offers are not giving the expected results. Wondering why?

Your traditional MR is not giving you Insights? You want to change this?

The Solution
Traditional Interview-based Market Research has a built-in flaw—‘Consumers don’t think how they feel. They don’t say what they think, and they don’t do what they say’. You need real Insights gained through observations of actions rather than by questioning

Observing the transactions at Point of Sale/Consumption unobtrusively gives unique behavioural insights for existing categories of products and services

What do you get?
Simple, Breakthrough Insights. These insights lead to Simple, Breakthrough Ideas. Our presentation will also contain video clippings to explain/substantiate the insight

You will wonder why you didn’t use this ‘Immersion’, before…

The Question
Do your Brands present a cogent Marketing Story relevant to the Automotive Aftermarket? The diffused story may be the reason your market share is lower than what you want it to be, despite having a large range of quality products with potential

The Solution
A Winning Marketing Strategy that improves Pull from Consumers, Mechanics and Trade!

When it comes to brands, the Masterbrand has the most important role in the Auto Aftermarket. Product brands become relevant in sub-categories with a lot of potential. However, we see one of two wasted approaches: Unimaginatively named products (like an engineering part number!); or, too-imaginatively named without a method in the madness! This needs to change. Pricing is the most important piece in strategy, but the least understood aspect. Getting the price right is make-or-break-or also-ran! But often we see pricing being neither here nor there: neither able to push volumes nor able to generate moneys to promote and create pull. So, get your pricing strategy right!

We start by analysing your Market size and share data, Sales Data, followed by extensive Observational Research at the point-of-sale and point-of-consumption. We do a detailed competitive analysis, lots of interviews with Buyers, Retailers, Channel Partners, Sales Team to come up with our Marketing Strategy recommendations backed by data and insights

What do you get?
A Winning Marketing Strategy for Auto Aftermarket that improves Pull from End-consumers, Influencers and Trade. Insights, Recommendations on Positioning Vs Competition, Reason-to-buy the Masterbrand, Product-Brand Strategy, Packaging Ideas, Product and Pack Range, Pricing Strategy, Place (Distribution), Promotion Strategy for consumers and influencers

The Question
Does 50% of your Sales happen in the last few days? If yes, it can be changed!

The Solution
The end-month, when your salespeople wake up to a big target-deficit, is every salesperson's PMS (Pre-Month-end Syndrome)! Anything goes: beg or threaten, dump or close ones' eyes to discounts and credit! This is Costly Sales! It completely screws up the entire supply chain, cash-flow and thus profits. Smooth sales has huge benefits on the revenue as well as cost sides. Skew is less about the market; and more about your Company Sales & Incentive Policies! The right Sales & Incentives policies can correct skew in a short time: A little short-term pain for permanent gain! We will study your Sales Data, Sales Policy, Incentives Policy and come up with a Winning Sales and Incentives Policy that knocks-out skew

What do you get?
A Winning Sales and Incentives Policy (that leads to Smooth Sales throughout the month and year)! A solution for high sales skew.
We will define:

  • Primary and Secondary Sales Norms (Credit, Inventory, Supply Frequency, MOQ, Margins, Target Discounts etc.)
  • Sales Team’s Incentive Policy

The Problem
You have Solid brands and products. However, you strongly feel that you are not doing justice to them in bazaar. You want to sort it out

The Solution
You need to take a fresh look at your Distribution system and your Sales Policies. You need to re-create hunger in the Distribution and Sales System. You need a Refreshed Route-to-Market (RTM) that can deliver on your company’s strategy cost-effectively while reducing skewed sales and the need to dump.

What do you get?

  1. The Right Route-to-market!
  2. The Right Channel Structure: Reach every customer with a sustainable Cost-to-Serve
  3. Role clarity thru’ Proper Sales Org Structure: No Role Overlaps or Gaps
  4. A Robust Sales Policy that enables you to:
    • Induce hunger in the Trade by balancing ROI in the sweet spot, not too low and not too high
    • Retain enough profits to be able to spend on brand-building
    • Level off the Skew and save everyone from the perennial month-end mayhem

Everything you need to Revitalise your Sales & Distribution System

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