The Question
You have a perennial challenge of getting new joiners up to speed. And, in the name of Induction what’s available to you is a slide deck, now stale! You want your new joiners to hit the ground running, Fast!

How can WE help?
We help you with a Company-specific Way-to-Induct @remote location too. It ensures every new joiner in Field Sales learns is up and ready in the very first week!

What do you Get?
We provide a Company-specific Rapid 5-day Cut-the-Crap eLearning Induction Program of Distilled Wisdom of ~10 Seat hours that covers:

  • My Company Strategy Kit: Market, Co. Objectives, Strategy, Structure, Channels, Competitors
  • My Role Kit: My Role Description, How I should go about My Work 
  • My Sales Kit: My Products & Applications, About My Data Capture Tool (if any)
    Once created, the core content has longevity of 10+ years. Additions can always be made

#This program can also be used as a Refresher for the existing Field Force. This one Investment no large company with Salesforce attrition can afford to wish away

The Question
You have outstanding products but, your Sales Team is struggling to achieve its targets. Although you have spent heavily on Sales Training, the results are not to your liking.

  • Your Training Program is not engaging enough?
  • Your Team forgets the learning they made in Sales Training programs?
  • The Learning Metrics coming out of your training programs are not enough to make swift decisions?
  • You want to maximize the productivity of your Sales Team by enhancing their skills

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then your search for the right partner to help you end here!

How can WE help?
We have vast experience in delivering Sales Training programs. Our ready-to-use off-the-shelf training programs can help your team sell better with confidence and knowledge. If you need tailored Sales training programs catering to your specific needs, we are pro at it too!

What do you Get?

  • Well-curated courses that help your Sales Team with communication tips, body language tips, correct grammar to speak the right way
  • Role-based courses that explain your sales strategy better and help with customer experience
  • FAQs that help the Sales Team to approach your clients confidently
  • Handy and on-the-go training modules that prepare your Sales Team to deliver in a short time span

The Question
You need Product training material that delivers the right information and is easy enough for your Sales team to retain and apply during Sales calls.

How can WE help?

  • We have delivered the apt eLearning product training courses across various sectors and languages including audio, visual, and text 
  • With our assistance, get your technical manuals, brochures, and older learning modules converted into easy and impactful eLearning courses

What do you Get?

  • Well-written and curated content that explains the features, advantages, and benefits of your products
  • Attractive audio-visual media for better understanding and reach towards the targeted audience
  • Product training in an eLearning format that can on the go

The Question
Like many other organizations, you have a perennial problem of onboarding employees. In the current scenario, employee onboarding has become more challenging than ever

How can WE help?

  • We provide 4 C’s – compliance, clarification, culture, and connection
  • We convert your onboarding procedures in easy eLearning format for a hassle-free process

What do you Get?
eLearning modules for the following areas:

  • Standard Operational Procedures of your organization
  • Hierarchy of the respective departments
  • Code of conduct
  • Company policies and workflow
  • Templates and checklists based on your work process to help the new joiners to
  • Plan their day in a smart way

The Question
You are planning to develop a learning strategy with the right implementation. Do you have the best learning partner who can help you align training and performance initiatives with organizational keystones?

How can WE help?

  • We recommend the right platforms and services that required guidance about the types of training or performance support needed. 
  • We help you choose an LMS (Learning Management System) and LXP (Learning Experience Platform).
  • We provide administrative support and guide you until a successful training launch.

What do you Get?

  • Aptly designed learning strategy 
  • Upgradation of the content from our experts
  • Support to LMS and LXP
  • Specific learning pedagogies and strategies 
  • Choosing the correct instructional space, technologies, media, and platform
  • Special guidance in creating, curating, and aggregating the content

The Question
You are looking for a platform that can host your learning modules, track performances, learning metrics, and manage learning bundles. You require tailor-made solutions to enhance the overall performance across eLearning Programs

How can WE help?

  • With our outstanding LMS, revamp your organization’s way of hosting and tracking learning
  • Get insights on the consumption of training content and measure the progress of your learners.
  • Assign and allocate assignments, lessons, assessments multiple users in one go.

What do you Get?
Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that eases your work and helps achieve learning goals with the below features:

  • Creating and managing the learning bundles
  • Course and resource management
  • Customized Curriculum and Learning Paths
  • Skills and Competency management
  • Survey and Assessments
  • Easy user enrolment and administration
  • Insightful reports and quick analytics

The Question
Is your team tired of the traditional way of learning? Are you not getting the desired learning effect even after investing heavily in training programs? Are your learners getting overwhelmed due to continuous and vast learning programs? Are your learners unable to deliver the required results despite putting in decent learning efforts?

If your answer is a YES for either of the above questions, it’s time to look beyond the traditional learning methodologies and make some room for Gamification!

How can WE help?

  • Identify gamification opportunities in your learning programs
  • Strategize and implement gamification to harness to best results
  • Craft the learning experience that teaches complex topics in a fun way

What do you Get?

  • Complex learning subjects transformed into simple gamified courses
  • An improved learning experience for users
  • Boosted retention of concepts
  • Increased participation from learners

The Question
You have unique ideas to capture the market, but you are falling short of resources to train your team on them. It is time-consuming to train the team and then design your own courses. You want to create exclusive learning that is not only engaging but also involves puzzles, games, audio, video, and activities in a brief time span.

How can WE help?

  • With our expert team in Rapid development tools, get your eLearning courses and classroom sessions designed and developed in no time
  • Witness the quick development of simulations, videos, quizzes, notes, games etc. to beat your timelines
  • Stay on top of your learning targets and achieve your goals with our quick development solutions

What do you Get?

  • Engaging learning material of excellent quality created in a short time span with an
  • To-the-point training material using a blended-learning approach
  • Games, puzzles, videos, audio, and activities that enhance learning with fun

The Question
You are looking for a partner to transition your content in bite-sized portions. You want to provide supplemental online activities and resources to your learners. However, you are to combine quick-learning with good performance, rather than confusing the brain with an abundance of content

How can WE help?

  • Get your vast learning converted to small learning units
  • Harness the learning flexibility and freedom with micro learnings we create and see learner engagement increasing manifolds
  • With our self-contained and easy-to-return-to micro-learning, get ready to witness the boost in knowledge retention of your learners.
  • Overcome skills training challenges and enhance learning & development

What do you Get?

  • Simple, crisp, and exciting eLearning programs
  • Short micro-units to help learners understand and retain better
  • Quick performance tests
  • On-the-go learning modules that are easy to understand and remember
  • Increased learner engagement

The Question
Are you using the same eLearning since the last decade, then it is highly likely that you still use modules created in Flash? It is also likely that some content has become antiquated and certain graphics old-fashioned. You may want to redecorate your modules by revising the content and renovating the graphics.

The debate of HTML5 Vs Flash is long settled. The HTML5 format is the perfect solution. Your eLearning courses should be in HTML5 format now! HTML5 is not only secure, faster, and responsive but also makes the training available to your employees on the go! It is a great and easy way to tap into the potential of your personnel in a better way.

How can WE help?

  • We are well equipped and experienced to help you seamlessly convert your Flash content to HTML5
  • Provide greater scope to produce better work
  • We enable a smooth experience of multimedia software platforms

What do you Get?

  • Analysis of your flash material regarding opportunities to upgrade the content, graphics, media, learning strategy, and presentation that aligns with your organization’s current requirement
  • Hassle free Flash to HTML5 modules that are better optimized, and value-added based on the above analysis.

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