For the last 22 years, we have had a close insider view of 75+ businesses and how their sales teams and distribution systems operate. We are surprised how little Senior Leadership attention goes to bread and butter Sales & Distribution issues (as against Marketing and Advertising). The funny part, is these issues are easy to spot! And to fix! 

We are happy to do a quick-and-sharp Sales Diagnostics for your Sales Team Ways of Working, FREE. We will do it over a slice-of-life 1-day accompanied working with your Sales Manager and/ or Sales Executive in Pune. We will give you a simple 2-page Sales Diagnostics Report with our assessment of Sales Calls, Sales Team Way of Working, Induction, Digital-readiness, Effectiveness of your Sales and Incentive Policies…. and more. Free and with absolutely No-commitments!

So, would you like a FREE Sales Diagnostics done for your Sales Team?  If Yes, Just drop a line!

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